Tuesday, 31 August 2010

1940s knickers

They're, um... big, aren't they.

Despite that, they are a lovely, lovely shape.

I said in my last post that I was going to try making some underwear, but I've hit problem after problem. What to make them out of? Do I buy in the appropriate fabric, or do I make stuff out of cheaper, similar fabric (and what might that fabric be?) until I'm confident I can make something well? What exactly am I making them for? I'd like to make them to sell, but that's a long way off - what do I do with all the 'practice pieces'?

I've decided to delay spending money on the perfect fabric and instead use either cotton or nylon, depending on how much stretch the pattern demands. As to who I'm making them for, well that's still an issue. I guess theoretically they're for me, but my vintage patterns are in all sizes, so they won't all fit. I've spent this morning trying to change the pattern for the knickers above so at least I can wear them as pyjama shorts or something, but there are other problems I need to sort too.

I don't like - and I don't think I got right - the buttons loops. I'd like to change them to button holes, but this requires that the back and the front overlap at the side. Also, the way I bound the side split/button placket is all wrong.

I'm going to try the re-sized pair in muslin - just in case it all goes wrong.

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