Friday, 12 November 2010

New bear(!)

Well, the good news is, the little panda is finished (ta-da!).

The good, but kind of not-so-good, news is that the little red bear of my last post (Flora the Red Menace) has found a home - so I'm one bear down for the craft fair. Even worse, I don't have quite enough mohair left to make another one!

Neither do I have any other brightly coloured mohair - my stash seems to be all in varying shades of brown - hung up, as I am, on the idea of realistic bears.

I need to go to another bear fair to stock up on mohair!


Naomi said...

Oh, the panda is great too! How about contrasting shades of brown?

Ruth said...

Thankyou! I have seen other panda bears made in brown and they look a bit wimpy to me - like they've been leeched of colour. I might try one though, just for interest.