Friday, 3 December 2010

Inspiring blogs

My list of blog links (right) is rather an embarrassment at the moment. I do watch a lot of blogs, but when they're not updated regularly, or when the 'art & craft' content is obscured with a deluge of information about the blogger's family/holidays/lifestyle, I give up on them.

Myself, I tend to be quite military about the whole thing - if I don't have anything to update the blog with (like now), I feel as if I'm not working hard enough. And if I do have some new project to share, I share it whether or not I'm feeling chatty and conversational - which probably doesn't make for great reading(!)

Anyhow, the weather is rubbish and I'm still dithering over what to make next, so I have been spending a lot of time searching out new blogs:

Mimi Kirchner (click here): this lady makes lovely fabric dolls and dressed animals, and these little felt houses in teacups. She also makes cracking fish (I want one)!

Jennifer Murphy (click here): a blog with lots of non-craft-related stuff, but the bears are lovely, and she makes of other really cute animals.

Neta Amir (click here): strange but interesting dolls and 'creatures', using techniques I have never seen before.

Fox and Owl (click here): some very, very sweet bears, selling on Etsy.

Herzensart (click here): again, lots of other stuff, but the little angels and Vikings are fantastic!

Coppermouse Dolls (click here): I'm not completely sold on the style of these dolls, but the techniques are interesting. She does some great stuff with clay - particularly the cow!

MisCia (click here): great dolls.

Bugs and Fishes (click here): all-round good craft ideas.

Ann Wood (click here): owls, other birds, spiders, ships, castles/cities - really impressive stuff.

I also have some pictures that I took yesterday - the view from our front door:

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