Friday, 4 February 2011

House sign

This Christmas (as with all the other Christmasses) I struggled to think of a present for my mother. She's always really difficult to buy for. Then, a couple of days before Christmas, I suddenly had a brain wave: a house sign!

I believe our house name is carved on a brick somewhere under the eaves, but it's barely visible from the front garden. And what with parcel delivery vans turning up for my business, and students turning up for hers, we're always getting phone calls from people who are struggling to find us. Well, no more...

Isn't it lovely?!

The sign is by Embar Pottery (click here), who have a unit at the same Art & Craft Centre where I have the bears. It cost £65, definitely a bargain, and basically you can just get in touch and discuss what you would like. They do have a pictures of previous signs for you to look through (the leaves were taken from there), but the cat and the bird box were ideas completely from scratch.

It was a belated present (perfectly appropriate for someone who's more often late than not) but she was very pleased with it!


naomi said...

And where is Maud?? Tut!

Ruth said...

Maude is like me - it would be difficult to reproduce her unusual colouring in a painting. Or, we're just unphotogenic.

naomi said...

Hmm. You have unusual colouring? It's a shame Rory's looking like it was curry night last night. Choose a very discreet fastening!

Ruth said...

Isn't puce an unusual colouring?

Trust you to mention the fastening! We could perhaps use a green one, so it looks like part of the foliage (hopefully)?