Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pink elephant

Only just in time!

First of all, let me tell you that I got into work this morning and found that my little grey elephant had sold! So chuffed.

This new one is made in another fabric I've had for a long time. Its really thick cotton, and really lovely - but the print is a little strange. It has long vertical red stripes, decorated with little red... clouds(?) Trees, perhaps(?) Also, little line-drawn branches and - every so often - a bird.

The design is so spaced out, that it would look strange used for bear clothing. With this elephant though, I think it looks good - weird, but good.

There are elements of the design however, which are once again proving extremely difficult. You can see with this one, the tail didn't turn properly, so I shall have to remedy that. Also, the gusset under his chin has some funny angles to it - making it a real pain (in the chin) to sew. Somehow, I need to remedy that too

It's really strange: for the first two 'practice elephants' I made, I didn't have any trouble with these things - they seem to have got more and more difficult, the more I sew!

Anyway, I may make a few more of these - I would like to have enough to make a little display at the unit in the Art & Craft Centre.

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Naomi said...

Excellent. Well done!
The grey furry one was(is) very sweet.