Sunday, 12 October 2014

New mini-mammoths

Good morning!  The mammoths I make sell reasonably well to non-collectors, but the sticking point is always the fabric.  Whilst it's nice to have some kind of tactility - some kind of pile to it - mohair is too expensive.  I have been thinking that the ideal fabric would be the cashmere I usually use for teddy bear paw pads.  It comes in slim-ish strips though, and my ordinary mammoth pattern is too big to fit.  Recently I tried reducing the pattern size, and these little black mammoths are the result.  They are incredibly cute!  (Unfortunately I don't have any of the bigger mammoths to compare them with at the moment.) 

At the same time, somebody recently sent me some vintage velvet curtain fabric - dark bottle green with yellow flowers.  It is absolutely beautiful, and that makes a very sweet mammoth too!

I have put all three of these in my Etsy shop.

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