Monday, 20 October 2014

Stock craft fair

We're back from the Stock show, and just about unpacked.  It was a rather quiet affair, although Oscar and Lottie (below) found homes.  

The hotel was amazing - it had a posh bar area with lots of big armchairs and a grand piano, a downstairs spa with people sitting around in bathrobes eating scones(?), waiters floating about in suits balancing trays on one hand, and a fabulous marquee with its own toilet facilities and chandeliers and a covered walkway between the marquee and the hotel.  It must cost a small fortune to actually stay there - certainly way out of my budget - but it was nice to have a nose around.  My nan would have loved it!

 I was completely panicked this morning when I found I had an Etsy order for two bears… Oscar and Lottie(!)  I have emailed the lady with apologies and I am going to make her something similar.  It's a bit tricky though, because before the Stock show I thought I'd make an extra effort to look presentable (not usually my forte) by having my nails done.  I had nail extensions - absolutely gorgeous, immaculate nail extensions which took, wait for it, three hours to do!  I can't imagine they'll last very long if I'm doing lots of hand-sewing, so I thought, when I had them done, that I'd spend a few weeks on new patterns, which is mostly machine sewing.

Although I can do the bulk of my bear sewing on a machine, there are some bits that just have to be done by hand.  So, I guess I'll find out just how tough these things are(!)

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