Monday, 22 June 2020

Another raglan t.shirt

I'm still experimenting with the raglan t.shirt pattern from Blank Slate Patterns.  This is a size smaller, and with the sleeves in a different colour.  Unfortunately, I was optimistic: the smaller size does not fit me!  The white fabric is just cotton jersey, but it's not all that stretchy - compared to the t.shirts I buy in the shops.  On the plus side, I have a niece who might fit it.

I'm desperate to sew something at the moment because I'm hoping to be back at work soon, at which point I'll have no time or energy.  Unfortunately I have run out of money, so I'm rather limited as to what I can make.  I got out this pattern this morning and thought I could probably have it done in a couple of hours.  Naturally, everything went wrong.  I must have unpicked the neckline four times!  But, six hours later, I did get it finished.

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