Tuesday 27 April 2010

DGBVintage update

As always, when I'm bear-making, I neglect the lingerie site (and vice versa), although lingerie sales have been pretty good recently. I sold two of the mega-expensive pieces that I was moaning about in a previous post!

I seem to have hit a brick wall so far as bear-making goes, so I thought I'd spend some time on the lingerie.

I have listed 10 full-slips in a bust size 32 (on the basis that, with my clunky, hand-built website, its easiest if I only list one type of lingerie, in one size, at any one time). There are some really lovely items: there are always loads of tiny sizes when you're collecting vintage lingerie - so although I'd rather my site wasn't known for size zero lingerie, listing tiny sizes is an effective way of showing a particularly wide range of styles.

A strapless slip, by Wonder Maid. I've had a few of these - they are lovely. I wish I could wear them - although not being particularly supportive, I doubt anyone above a B cup can get away with it - even with a bra underneath.

This is a really, really tiny thing. It has a metal side zipper - and even on my puny, size 8 mannequin, the side zipper wouldn't do up. It is a lovely shape though, with a high neck and fitted bodice. I have termed it a 'pencil slip', because the skirt tapers from the hips down. I have never seen another one on sale.

A blue mini slip - actually made from double-layer chiffon. This came from a lot which was all British-made lingerie. Most of the lingerie I sell is American - the Vanity Fairs, Olgas, and Van Raaltes - and the British stuff is actually really different. The fabric, although still 100% nylon, is different from the American version. It is thinner and less sturdy, and the straps don't have sliders on them. None of the British pieces from this particular lot have brand names on the labels, so I'm wondering whether they were actually intended to be cheap and cheerful (so to speak).

Anyway, in spite of the thin fabric, and the non-adjustable straps, some of them are really pretty - certainly, there's a much wider range of colours and patterns than you would get if you bought a typical lot of American vintage lingerie.

And a Fischer slip! If you're into vintage lingerie, and you have never seen a Fischer satin slip, I would recommend them. The rayon satin is wonderful - really heavy and silky - and they are always really well fitted.

Anyway, I just thought I would share some of the new items with you. I have just realised that I don't have a link to either of my websites on this blog (duh!). I will off to do it now!

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