Sunday, 20 June 2010

New lingerie

I have just updated the DGBVintage site. This is new stock that I have in. Usually it takes me ages to list all of one lot of stock, but this time round I thought - why should it take me that long; surely the sooner its listed the better(?)

So I have put twenty pieces on today, and hopefully the rest will follow in the next couple of days.

There is some lovely stuff. Below is a black lace robe from Hydons - fantastic label, and wonderful, flawless item, with dramatic flared sleeves.

Another gorgeous nightdress - no labels - and just plain nylon, but with a wonderful cut-out hemline at the front.

A pink nylon jumpsuit. The label isn't particularly great, but jumpsuits don't come around all that often, and they always sell. I love jumpsuits. I'm not really convinced on the look - although its supposed to be flattering for short people to wear all one colour - but they are lovely to wear. Most of the jumpsuits I have sold have elastic at the waist, ankles and wrists, and - because of that - they just feel very well fitted, although I guess that's a bit of an illusion, in the sense that the elastic hardly shouts good tailoring. Those that I sell are designed as lounge wear though - strictly for comfort - so the elastic is entirely forgiveable.

A really cute pink babydoll, with polka dots, chiffon ruffles round the hemline, and matching bloomers(!) This set is a size 36, and there is another set in blue, in a size 38

And, a yellow babydoll set by Van Raalte. I was quite surprised when I saw the label - I never realised Van Raalte made stuff like this. Its not the usual kind of nylon - it has a sort of crepey, semi-sheer quality about it. Anyway, it is three-piece - nightdress, robe and knickers. The yellow set is a size 36 and there is a similar, aqua blue set, in a size 32.

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