Tuesday 28 September 2010

Second little polar bear

I'm sure I shall regret putting up such terrible photographs. However, these were taken last night and I tried again twice this morning, and they are the best I could get. It's a horrible, soggy wet day, so the photos had to be taken inside.

Apologies for all the orange in the photos!

Making these little bears is like getting blood out of a stone. I would so much like to go on and do something else, but if I'm going to have anything to sell at this show in November (still haven't got my application form in), I need to get cracking!


naomi said...

Orange is good for polar bears - think arctic light. They are lovely bears

Ruth said...

Is Arctic light orange? Alright, I'll revise my apology - it is now in regard to all the crap in the background of the photos.

naomi said...

Crap? Not yours surely?!

Ruth said...

Ah, you know me so well! Nope - it's definitely mother's.