Wednesday 6 October 2010

Look what I found in our garden!

Too twee? Sorry.

This is my latest - a big bear measuring 19 inches in all (14 inches sitting). Whilst I do try to do something new with every bear I make, this one was really about brushing up on existing pattern pieces. There was a slight bump at the bottom of the central body seam in this pattern which I have gotton rid of now, and whereas I used to make a cut across the neck - for turning and stuffing - this is only the second bear I've made where I have left open one of the neck seams - making the cut unnecessary. (The first bear I tried it on is the one featured in the post below, and he didn't turn out too well.)

I also wanted to try more traditional round feet with this leg pattern. The leg pattern is lovely - really chunky and sweet. I'm not sure about the feet though - far too small for a BigFeetBear!

The one thing that isn't quite right is the arm pattern. I came up with it relatively recently, and I was really excited at the time. I have increased the size of the paws this time, but the biggest problem is that they tend not to sit straight when attached. They have a well-defined wrist, so if they don't sit straight, the wrist tilts and the discrepancy is really quite noticeable.

Anyway, I will fix it.

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