Sunday, 17 October 2010

New bear!

I have a new bear to report!

Very poseable! He/she is currently unnamed (and of indeterminate gender - it depends whether my mother puts the bow round the neck or on the head).

This is a return to a previous design - again, like Lily, probably one of the first I ever put together myself. I have smoothed out some of the problems with the original design, and the eyes are a new departure. They are in pink(!) and although it's still a glass eye with a sculpted clay socket, there is more shape to the socket. I would love to be able to use more clay around the eyes, but the problem is always fixing it to the face.

I have another bear, of exactly the same design, but in pale brown mohair. Unfortunately he/she is looking rather sad at the moment because I ran out of joints before I could get the arms on.

Anyway, I wanted to show another Youtube clip. It is a video of two bear cubs playing - they are the most amazing little fat things; I need to work on my bear silhouettes!

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