Thursday, 4 November 2010


I have finally managed to complete a mini bear! Meet Archimedes!

I have mentioned before that there is to be a small Christmas craft fair in my village at the end of November, and I was hoping to produce a number of mini bears (I believe I rather rashly set the number at 20) - the feeling being that these are more likely to sell.

I wasn't sure quite what was happening, since I never managed to get the application form in. I heard recently however, that they are still expecting us - form or no form - so I'm gearing up to go!

I am terrible at craft fairs - really I am. It takes me a good long time to do anything creative - I can't just turn up and put a wonderful display together. We have been to teddy bear fairs in the past, and our display has always been a bit rubbish - a few upended cardboard boxes under the table cloth, for the bigger bears to sit on; beautiful flower arrangements by my mother; a floor-standing lamp so we're not all sitting in the dark; and a hastily printed sign on A4, just saying 'BigFeetBears'.

I would really like to be better prepared this time. I was speaking to a lady at the Art & Craft Centre who does craft fairs regularly, and she suggested that what I should really have for the bears is some kind of back board for the table - so the bears are seen against a plain white surface, rather than against all the rubbish one usually hides behind the table at craft fairs.

It is a great idea, but I'm not really sure how I'm going to organise it. I know someone who could produce the perfect item, but he and his wife are busy 24/7 with this wonderful place - particularly at this time of year.

I will give it some thought. Knowing me, I will end up with some scruffy pieces of cardboard sellotaped to the back of the table.

Anyway, since I last posted, my mother has knitted a beautiful pink bolero for Ursula...

... and a couple of bears have found homes, which is lovely.

The lady who rents shelf space in my unit has also been busy. She restocked recently, and the new bears are so very sweet. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Hopefully, I shall be back very soon with more mini bears.

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