Tuesday 11 January 2011


I've just had a horrible couple of days - working on an idea that came to nothing (and suddenly for some weird reason my comma key doesn't work).

I was thinking about what to do for Valentine's Day and I had this ambitious plan to make a series of bears [comma] corresponding to the words of a particular song. The first one was supposed to be a very stately looking bear decorated with a Union Jack. I have tried decorating bears with a particular pattern before. Cutting out each individual piece of the pattern in different colours and sewing them together doesn't usually work - all you can see are the seams. This time I thought I'd try painting the pattern directly onto the bear.

I have an airbrush which I've never learnt to use [comma] and it comes with a set of inks so I thought I'd give those a try. Unfortunately the ink came off all over my hands (I now have navy blue nails). I was resolved to finish it anyway - knowing that it's usually a mistake to give up on a project half-way - but I put the head on and for no reason that I could work out the neck was wonky.

So I gave up - he/she obviously wasn't meant to be. And now I'm half-way through week 2 and I haven't even made even one bear yet. I hope this isn't a premonition of things to come.

Anyway! The next questions are [COMMA!] what am I going to do for the shop for Valentine's Day and can I get two bears made in what's left of this week? And what is wrong with the blasted comma key!


Anonymous said...

Re: comma key misfunction.

There's a good chance that there's something stuck underneath the key which is preventing its proper action.

Try holding the keyboard upside-down and giving it a good shake.

Ruth said...