Monday 24 January 2011

Just joined Facebook and Bear Pile!

I'm going to try to push the bears a bit this year, but it isn't easy. Facebook is really strange: I have created a page for the bears here, but I'm not sure there's any indication of it on the ordinary, personal page. I'm wondering whether I ought to be posting pics on the personal page - or one pic, with a link to the bears' page.

It's a funny, disjointed way of talking to people too - I always feel like I'm butting in on a private conversation if I make a comment.

Bear Pile looks quite nice - although you do have to pay to use it. I will give it a trial run and see what happens. I have uploaded 4 bears, and the really nice thing is that they appear on the front page when you list them. Vinnie is there now - see this link! I listed him yesterday; I wonder how long he will remain in prime position. I guess it depends how many bears are being listed each day.

I'm thinking that probably, since I'm paying for it, I might as well list all the bears. I'm just always worried that if I list them in two places, two people might simultaneously try to buy one bear. It has been rather quiet of late though, so I don't think there's much chance of that at the moment.

Incidentally, I am also on Etsy - see this link.

N.B. I have just checked my Facebook link, and you have to log in to view the page. Blast! Sorry about that. The other two links do work though.

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