Saturday 29 October 2011

New mammoths

I managed to get my commission mammoths finished last night and photographed this morning.

I am really pleased with the way the way they turned out.  My favourite is the one made in the black velvet, although it's a shame that she couldn't have tusks - the fabric just frayed so much though: every time I stuck a needle through it, a big hole appeared. 

Having said that, I'm not sure white tusks would have suited her.  Perhaps tusks made in the same black velvet?

I really must have a go at some other creatures though.  I have a wonderful fabric I could make pigs out of (or 'a pig' - it's only a fat quarter); and I would love to try a patchwork giraffe.  I guess really, as a bear-maker, I should make a little 'block bear' like that too.  I did make a polar bear once, but it was quite a loosely-based design.

Anyway, before all that, the pandas.  I'm not having much luck with the eyes at the moment.  Never mind - plough on.


Naomi said...

Ruthie, They are wonderful - the velvet one is lovely but our favourite is the solar system one. I hope their recipent likes them!

Ruth said...

Thankyou! Yep - the recipient was pleased with them. I thought the solar system mammoth worked well too. I'd be worried about making one to sell in the unit because a print like that might make it look like it was intended for children. In this case though, I knew it was intended for an adult.

The velvet mammoth and the floral cotton mammoth are perhaps more 'grown-up' designs?

Rachel said...

The solar system one is very cool, but they all are really. Having fun shopping in LA now, but I need you here as well. Never mind, shall we shop in january?

Ruth said...

Thank you - and congratulations on passing all the bird banding exams! I am sulking a little, because I didn't get to go to the US, but will look forward to shopping with you when you get back!

Naomi said...

Congrats too Rach, i don't actually want to go shopping, but i have lots of little bag carriers you can borrow?