Thursday 15 December 2011

Lots of different stuff

I am behind with my photos of our new downstairs toilet.  First of all the porch.  If you remember, we had the step taken out, and at one point there was a big hole in the concrete floor where they were fitting pipework.  It is now all tiled - and this is what it looks like...

I will take another picture when all the building materials are out - presuming we haven't already stuffed our junk back in there by that time.  I did get these photos taken just in time though.  Literally five minutes later, the IKEA delivery men arrived.  We have bought a cupboard - like a sort of sideboard thing - to go along the right-hand wall of the porch (on the right as you look out from the from the front door).  So the pieces are now stacked up everywhere and you can barely see the tiles at all.

In the downstairs toilet, the sink is in place (although not fully fitted yet), and the door has been hung.  It is clad in these vertical panels - which is what the lower part of the space under the stairs looked like, before the building work started.

When you open the door, the space looks really big!  There are actually double doors, although the left-hand door will be narrower, and bolted in place.  It will just be a lot easier to clean with two doors though.

Porthole window, above the door.


Ooh - look who turns up when you get the camera out!

Don't tell me we have a spider in residence already.

I have managed to get a few bears finished, whilst all this has been going on, but they're currently waiting for clothing.  My mother, on the other hand, has been knitting furiously - not only finishing jumpers, hats and boots for the twins, but also dressing every bear foolish enough to be sitting around without any clothes on.

Bingley - the bear I was going to take apart - has a lovely new fair isle jumper.

At my unit in the Art & Craft Centre, I sell a number of manufactured bears, suitable for children.  The most popular is probably this lovely big, floppy, ultra-soft polar bear - now wearing a beautiful ribbed pull-over.

Phew - and that's it for now.  Hopefully back with some more bears soon.


Naomi said...

Oh Bingley looks lovely! He looks cosily chunky in his jumper.

We're all impressed by the building stuff too - nice tiles in the porch. When do you next plan to see them? We'll come round and test them.

Ruth said...

Thank you! When do I next plan to see what (or who)? The toilet will hopefully be fully working, closed in and secure before Christmas, although it won't be completely finished. So do come and test!

Naomi said...

Well, the tiles of course! Possibly a Percy and Boris lining up with Hugh in the bathromm would aid toilet training - he would have the same expression on leaving: Of course i washed my hands!!!