Friday 2 December 2011

Old bear, new trousers

Here he is, Gerald, in his new dungarees.  He does look rather chubby in them - which is good!  Teddy bears should definitely be on the chubby side.

I have re-embroidered his nose, but he is otherwise very much as I made him, years ago.  And whilst I think he is quite striking - particularly with those trousers - it makes me laugh every time I look at his ears.  They are sewn on dead straight, with no curve to them at all. 

Fingers crossed he finds a home soon.


Polly said...

Looking good Gerald!
Has he always worn glassed or did he go to Specsavers? :)

Ruth said...

He says thankyou Polly! And no, he came into the world with slightly uneven eyes, so he's always needed glasses. :-)