Friday, 3 February 2012


Not only am I feeling really rubbish at the moment - some kind of cold/cough thing - but I've just had a bit of a bear-making set-back.  Ever since I started making bears, I've been recording the patterns for them.  Obviously, where I'm making limited edition bears, I need to keep the patterns, but even where I don't repeat bears, I often tend to develop new patterns from bits of the old.  If nothing else, it allows me to keep a handle on proportions.

Anyway, these three big notebooks - containing every pattern I've ever come up with - have disappeared!

It's an immensely horrifying prospect, but after spending the past couple of days searching and re-searching, and mentally coming to terms with my patternless-ness, I'm beginning to think that it could be a good thing.  Maybe it'll be a bit of a shot in the arm - it'll kick me into coming up with something new.

The good news is that I do still have a few paper patterns kicking around - the mammoths, the rabbits, the panda and the Cheeky-style bears - so I'm not completely at a loss.  The bad news is that I don't have paper patterns for the Valentine's bears I was hoping to make this week, so I'll have to redo them.

I'm not doing well with this 'seasonal' thing.  I have made seasonal items, but not in the right season! 

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