Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New from Snailspace Bears Inc.

I have made so few bears so far this year!  At the moment, all the things I'm working on seem to take an age to prepare.  I have made four little red bears (ahem, for Valentine's Day) - all with a lovely, chubby, rounded shape.  They are currently waiting for their dungarees to be finished though.  I was thinking of making little drawstring bags for them too, but they've been so long in the making, I think I need to get them on the shelf as soon as possible now.

I have also been working on another Valentine's idea (I am determined to get all my 'seasonal' ideas out this year, even if not in the correct season), which involves lots of the tiny little bears with simple felt limbs.  I'm off to work in a minute, with thirteen tiny heads and bodies to sew together.  Hopefully, I will be back to show the results of that in a day or two.

Anyway, below are pictures of one of the four, currently naked, Valentine's bears.


Polly said...

They are cute.
I, too haven't been making many mohair bears this year so far. I have been finishing a couple of knitted bears for what seems forever.

Ruth said...

Thankyou! I know the feeling - re taking forever to finish something. Some kind of inspiration or kick in the creative pants is needed in my case, I think. I am thinking of having another go on Folksy - but with completely new designs this time. Is is still going well for you?