Sunday 11 March 2012

New prototype bear

We've had double glazing put in recently, and to allow them the space to work, I had to move all furniture away from the window.  In doing so, I've uncovered a corner of the room which is perfect for photographs!  There are usually no clear empty corners to our house: everything is stacked up - in a nice, busy, well-used way, certainly - but then whilst our junk looks good to me, it probably doesn't to everyone else.  So I often find it difficult to get good photographs, with no junk in the background.  I usually end up going outside, which is freezing in the winter and often too bright in the summer.

The trouble with my new-found photo space though is that it is in the corner where the bed usually sits (lies?).  And the bed doesn't move easily - one end of it falls apart when you try to shift it.  And the only alternative space for the bed is in the middle of the room - right in front of the desk where the sewing machine is.... which makes working a little difficult!

It's not the bears I'm worried about so much as the vintage lingerie.  I have been thinking that I might open an Etsy shop for the vintage, but my current photos are not suitable, so I need to take some more.  There are only, ooooh, about 500 pieces to photograph.

Anyway, this is my latest prototype bear...

A little rough round the edges, certainly, but the mohair version will be more pristine. 

I am not entirely certain about this one.  He has a wire armature and I'm not sure how stable he is.  I have some tougher wire to use on the proper version, but I'm still dubious.  It seems to me that if somebody landed on him from a great height, he would be completely flattened!

I'm not 100% sure about the stance either.  I don't know whether it's the bandy legs, or the way his bottom is lower than his shoulders...  I do like him though, despite this.  He looks like a cub to me, rather than a full-grown bear.  I am going to go on and make him in mohair though (or try to!).  I'm sure I will develop the pattern in other ways later.

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