Wednesday 2 May 2012


I was asked recently to make a blue mohair rabbit.  I do have some blue mohair but it's of the really long, lustrous kind - meant really for big bears.  I had a look around for something more suitable for a little rabbit, but blue mohair is hard to find - and what there is tends to be quite expensive.

So, plan B: dye some mohair! 

I had some mohair dye that I bought ages ago, at a teddy bear fair somewhere, but I've never tried it.  The process seemed simple enough though...

I was really pleased with the way it turned out!  It one of the good things about accepting commissions: I often end up doing something new - getting to grips with a new technique.

The lady wanted a sort of blue-grey colour, so we went for the more muted of the two colours above - the lower one.  I'm not sure how well the photos show it, but it is a beautiful sea-green colour, and the backing fabric is slightly paler than the pile, giving it a lovely translucent effect.

And this is Minty!


Rachel Kilby said...

I think minty is cute, and I do like the patchwork mammoth, but what's with the recent rabbit obsession? Easter has gone already!
How's the building going? Have any plans been finalised for the inside layout of the kitchen?

Ruth said...

Hiya. I keep thinking that, when I come up with a new 'open edition' design, I ought to make lots of them - so the production process is efficient as possible. Unfortunatley, I haven't quite got the efficiency thing down yet(!)