Wednesday 20 June 2012

Windows are in!

Our wonderful big windows are in, and suddenly the kitchen - which went very dark when the roof was tiled - is covered in sunlight again.

New back door with controvertial catflap.  Nobody's quite sure about these yet (there's a catflap in one of the French doors too) - least of all Rory, our ginger moggy.  Do we keep these, or would a small dogflap be easier for him with his bum leg?

And, on the bear-making front, nothing really seems to be happening (again).  I'm trying to give up smoking, and it's weird how much I used smoking to organise myself.  In as much as I ever had a schedule or plan for working, it has always been marked out by the cigarette breaks, and now that I'm trying not to, the days seem to have lost all their structure.

I also used to use cigarette breaks as serious 'thinking time' and without them, the thinking seems to be absent entirely!


Naomi said...

From Hugh: Huh? A bum leg?
From me: Hope the giving up is working! You'll have to find another activity to act as punctuation. (Going to the loo/eating/cleaning/running...?)

knittylynne said...

I wish they're weren't so many procedures to get through before you can leave a comment. Sooo glad about the smoking thing....

Ruth said...

Ta for that :-) The giving-up effort is proceeding - albeit falteringly. I don't need the toilet that often to use it as punctuation unfortunately (or rather, fortunately). Cleaning takes much longer than the 5 minutes it would take to have a cigarette; ditto with the running.

The perfect punctuating activity would be sewing. Unfortunately, that's not proving particularly habit-forming (blast!).

At the moment I'm just drinking more coffee and chewing frentically on the nicotine gum. Fingers crossed.

Naomi said...

No no! Cleaning is easier in short bursts! How about admin stuff? How's Mum's filing system holding up? Surely there's much work there... Add up how much it's costing you? (try not to spend equivalent amount on ebay, at least not before you've managed to stop)

Code for posting is sometimes a bit unclear.

Ruth said...

I'm afraid I have no control over the procedure for leaving comments.

I don't think there is anything in this house that can be cleaned with just a 'short burst'. Particularly whilst we have the building work going on. Everything's covered in at least 10 minutes worth of dust.

Polly said...

Your extension is going to look great. Looking forward to the final pictures. You are lucky, we haven't the room in out little garden for an extension, but we are considering a small conservatory. We had one at our previous house and they are great for sewing in - lots of light.

Ruth said...

Good for sewing - hmmm, so does this count as a business expense(!) It seems unlikely, unfortunately.

We are very lucky with our garden, but it has taken my mother years to decide to give up part of the garden to an extension. You can see in the second pic how close the flower bed is to the french doors. She has refused to move any more plants!