Thursday 5 July 2012

First new bear for Clare Priory

It's terrible: I'm only a week away from this craft fair, and this is the first bear I've made for it.  It's going to be a case of emptying out my unit at the Art & Craft Centre and taking all my stock.  That is slightly unfortunate - a) because it will mean leaving the unit at the Centre empty over the weekend, and b) because I have quite a few big, expensive bears at the Centre which are not likely to sell at the craft fair - I'm more likely to sell little bears.

But, it can't be helped.  There have been other things going on this year.  Now I just need to focus on making as much stock as possible before the weekend of the 14th and 15th. 

This is Sam - a little version of my long-legged bears.  I can't give a head-to-toe measurement very easily, because of his bent knees.  However, when sitting on a shelf, he measures approximately 4" above the level of the shelf and 2.5" below.


Rachel Kilby said...

I love the new bear, and the cardinals with paperclip feet also look really cool.
I think the problem with the bluetit tail is that the feathers are too rounded, they should be straight, and a little narrower.

The kitchen, well, seems very nice, it's better, I imagine, to be able to look at it from a distance like this than actually live through all the renovations.

And what is it with you and Naomi? Do you never talk anymore? Do you not visit all your nieces and nephew? Or does Naomi have far too much free time and spend it all on the Internet? Hmm....

Ruth said...

Hmmm? Is Naomi complaining about me again? And must we talk about this in public?! I need to get this craft fair out the way - then I will email and send your parcels.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was going to take my mum to choose her bear at the Centre next week!..
Sam looks absolutely divine - would have snatch him any moment.