Friday 3 August 2012


Isn't it terrible when there's some big international event going on, and you spend all day listening to it on the radio, and getting very little work done - come on, Team GB!

Actually, I was slightly worried that the games would be over without my managing to produce any Olympic-themed items, but I have finished some mammoths.  I debated about adding a 'London 2012' slogan, or Olympic rings or something but decided not to - a) because there seems to be lots of restrictions around making 'Olympic memorabilia', and I'm slightly confused about I can or can't do, and b) because doing so would make them 'perishables' - in the sense that, if they don't sell during the Olympics, they will look out of date afterwards.

These mammoths have cotton union jack bodies, white cashmere tusks and glass eyes.  They measure about 8.5 inches in height.  They are filled with heavy-weight polyester and weigh about 580g - not quite heavy enough for a doorstop, but quite chunky all the same.  And, since I seem to be working up a sales pitch here, they are priced at £16.  (And they're not suitable for children.) 

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Polly said...

Your Mammoth photos really made me laugh, especially the one where they are all in a line, holding tails.
Put me in mind of the Jungle Book film and the elephants march. :)