Friday 28 September 2012

8 little bears

Phew - how long did that take?! 

I have finally finished this set of bears.  Four of these will go the Art & Craft Centre and the other four to the Tannenbaum Christmas Barn.  I was hoping to have my bears there by the beginning of October, but I'm rather out of time.  I think I am going to make the three cashmere pandas I had planned, and then take five little bears from the Art & Craft Centre too.

In other news, I have decided to move both the bears and the vintage clothing onto Etsy.  I have been with Easyspace for a long time - mainly because changing the web hosting seemed such a faff.  I have had so many problems with them though, I have finally decided to depart.  I did consider finding a new web host and starting again, but the whole thing is expensive and time consuming.  I might see if I can do a course on the CSS stuff, and try again with the websites next year.

Anyway, so from now on, you can find the bears at, and the vintage clothing at

Finally, our builder is back and has started putting in the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, so we can finally start unpacking boxes from the spare room!


Polly said...

The 8 bears look very worried. I like them though.
I have favourited your shop on Etsy. Hopefully it will get you a bit more traffic on there.

Ruth said...

Cheers Polly! Traffic has been low - but I figure it's similar to Ebay: the more regularly you list, the higher up the search results you appear. I'm going to to give it a go anyway.