Wednesday 5 September 2012

Paper weights

My first attempt at a meerkat involved jug ears, bandy legs and an enormous square bottom.  It didn't look anything like a meerkat, but the combination was rather sweet, and perfect for the whole paperweight/doorstop category.  Unfortunately there is already someone who sells doorstops at the Art & Craft Centre, so I can't have these there.  I am thinking though that they would be good to send to the Christmas Barn, mentioned in my last post.

They measure about 8 inches in height, and weigh approximately 700g.  They are made from a lovely orange and yellow string mohair.

My one worry is the nose.  Up close, it looks quite good (you'll have to take my word for it, since it doesn't seem to have come out in any of the photographs), but from a distance, you can't see anything at all.  It just looks like I've forgotton to embroider the nose.  Hopefully, poeple will pick them up and look closely.

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