Thursday 27 December 2012

DPN holder

For Christmas, my Auntie asked for a DPN holder.  One Google search later, I discovered it was a double pointed knitting needle holder I was making.  And here it is - what do you think?

I started with this tutorial, and added the flap over the top of the needle points as per a picture my Auntie sent me.  I did a practice run first - I guess that's one thing that doing your own patterns for anything teaches you - and although I was pretty happy with the outcome, it turned out to be all wrong.  My Auntie uses little sock needles - 6" long and really tiny.  They come in sets of five, and each set measures between 1.5cm and 2cm across the width.  Adjusting the width of each compartment is easy enough, but I had to cut down the length of the pattern by half (from 50 compartments to 15).

It's a little wonky, and the lining isn't as smooth as it should be, but it's not too bad for a first attempt.  I have promised a mark II at a later date.  Anyway, I'd thoroughly recommend the tutorial - it was good fun to make, and a big change from the teddy bears!


Naomi said...

I saw that - it looked brilliant! Dpn's are so hard to keep track of without comparing them altogether. Can i have one too please? Fabric is lovely too - very calm and floaty would be very effective in hiding pointy things from small children!

Ruth said...

Blast! Well I suppose that takes care of the question of what to give you for your birthday. I do need to know exactly needle lengths/widths though! And how many you want to put in it. There isn't any more of that fabric, but I'm sure we can find something else you like. Colours?