Tuesday 15 January 2013

50 cut out bears...

You wouldn't have thought that the cutting out would take so long - although I guess it wasn't just cutting out: it was all the decisions about colour and size and mohair.  Usually I agonise over these decisions!  This time I tried to be a bit more mechanical about it - going mainly by what I had, and what worked, rather than what I liked.

I have practically used up my mohair stash on this lot (so lets hope it works!) although I am left with quite a few small pieces - most of which has too long a pile length to be used on small bears, unfortunately.  Something patchwork is called for, clearly.  

The good news is that it gives me a good excuse to go the Hugglets teddy bear fair in February and buy some new mohair.  It is an incentive too - I'll need to make and sell some of these bears, if I am to have the money to buy more mohair.

So, I have some other stuff I have to do today, and I'm working at the Art & Craft Centre tomorrow, but Thursday I'll start sewing.


Polly said...

You must have sore fingers with all that snipping. Just cutting out a couple of bears makes mine go red.

Ruth said...

Yes - I have calluses on my calluses!