Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ringo & Timothy

 I still can't show you Wednesday's bear unfortunately - although I can tell you that her name is Daisy.  She is still having her new jacket fitted.  Hopefully, she will be ready before Monday.

In the meantime, I can show you what I was making on Thursday and Friday - two lovely, string-jointed rabbits, in dark red cashmere.  Their ears are jointed too, so they rotate!  I have named these ones Ringo and Timothy.

This is my next design - so I will be making 10 of these.

Next week is going to be rather disrupted unfortunately.  I will hopefully be able to complete another rabbit tomorrow, but I will be working elsewhere on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (and then Saturday, as usual), so it's not going to be the most productive of weeks. :-(

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