Sunday 31 March 2013


This is Clement - a portly-looking bear with a strange tuxedo-like bib.  In grey.  Why I went for that combination, I've no idea(!)

I'm also not sure about his very bald muzzle.  This was another bear for whom I didn't have a close colour match in wool roving, so needle-felting was out of the question.  Whilst I do like the very direct, open gaze (he does look like a friendly sort of bear), I think the muzzle itself is too plain and simple.  What he could really do with is a moustache - either a little toothbrush number, or a wide, handlebar version.

My only concern is that this would put him in doll territory.

Perhaps I should make a pin-on moustache and leave it to the customer to decide!

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