Monday, 25 March 2013


Okay, so this is what I was working on last week.  Don't laugh until you've looked at all the photos - it's a delicate business, this meerkat-making!  Unfortunately he is unjointed except for his neck - but that is just the way it had to be, to get this shape.  

The next problem is what fabric to make him in.  The mohair doesn't seem to work very well - it is too fluffy, and just hides the shape that I spent ages trying to get right.  Perhaps something needle felted?

Anyway, the big aim is to have this one, and a standing meerkat, complete for the Clare Priory Craft Fair, if I manage to get a stall there(!)  A standing version would be ridiculously immobile - if it moves at all, it won't stand up - but I'm determined to make at least one!

I've still got to work on the ears and the tail of this one, but for the moment, I'm putting it aside and going back to the bears.


Naomi said...

I like him! THe face is good. How about using some of that cashmere fabric? The polar bear we have shows his tailoring very well in it.

Ruth said...

Thank you! The trouble is that he has a lot of seams, and the cashmere won't do anything to hide them. I'd also have to figure out a way of adding meerkat 'markings', which wouldn't be easy. I suppose I could needle felt on top of the cashmere - which would solve both problems - but the colours would have to be right or it wouldn't work at all.

Barbara said...

I love the shaping around the eyes. Do you really need to hide the seams on this about making a feature of them?