Monday, 22 April 2013

Cat bed

I was determined to do something other than bear-making yesterday.  I faffed around wasting time for most of the day, looking at various online sewing tutorials, but I didn't have the right elastic, or the right D-rings, or whatever.  Then I remembered a tutorial I'd seen on Design Sponge, for a dog (or cat) bed.  I'd wanted to try it because I've always thought that kind of thing might sell at the Art & Craft Centre.  

It is a ridiculously simple pattern - just two squares of fabric sewn together.  I stuffed mine with the tiny scrap pieces of mohair which I have in large quantities, having made so many bears!  The fabric is a sort of faux suede stuff that somebody bought me a few years ago, for teddy bear paw pads.  

It is lovely - big and squashy and just lovely!  The mohair scraps, although slightly lumpy, give it a weight that you don't expect from looking at it.  That is it on the right in the picture below.  The thing on the left is the cat's regular snooze-spot - a bit of smelly, over-washed vet bedding that we've had for years.  Surely, I thought, the cat would look at the two of them - sitting there side by side - and plump for the lovely, fat, new, suede cushion?

Eh... no.  This is our Maude later on in the evening (below).  If you can see paw prints on the new cushion, it's because I physically picked her up and put her on it.  She stood and purred for a second, then stepped off.  Bummer.

Ah well, it always takes them a while to get used to new cat beds/scratching posts/whatever.  Usually, it'll be when we're just about to give up on something and throw it out, they'll suddenly 'discover' it and start using it religiously.  When (and if) they finally do that with this one, I'll find out how well it washes.

Unfortunately I don't think it's a goer for the Art & Craft Centre.  It looks too much like a cushion, and there are several other people who sell cushions, so it wouldn't be fair of me to start.

Anyway, Monday morning - onto the next teddy bear!

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