Wednesday 10 July 2013

Craft fair display, mk III

Operation Early Morning was not a success!  I got there at 8am, and the person with the key to the building got there at 9am.  But it was a lovely sunny morning, and for once I was prepared and had coffee with me.

Once I got in, I did much racing up and down the stairs with flowerpots and mdf, then threw it all together in a terrible rush.  The picture below shows what it looked like.  

It could certainly be a whole lot tidier (and it will look much better when the flower pots are covered), but I was pressed for time.  I don't think it looks too bad, all things considered.  I was looking for a sort of cascade of bears - just a tidier sort of cascade, maybe.

The lady I'm working with looked at the photo and singled out the black bear in the back row, with the jug ears.  She used to be a primary school teacher, and had a student with ears like that(!)  Now every time I look at the photo, all I can see is those ears.


Polly said...

You certainly have a nice lot of bears made up.
We are coming to Braintree on Saturday so may see if we have time to pop in.

Ruth said...

Ooh - that would be nice! It's a lovely fair - even aside from the bears! I'm sure you'd enjoy it.