Saturday 6 July 2013


This is Dominic, and he is the last of these little bears I'm going to make before the Clare Priory craft fair on the 13th and 14th July.  In the meantime, I need to start planning the stall, display, signage, lighting(?) and find someone to feed the cats whilst we're gone.  We are staying over in a B&B this time, so hopefully things will be more laid-back on the Sunday - having not had to get up at 5am to drive over.  (It doesn't take four hours to drive there really, but I need an hour to get ready, and an hour in reserve, in case things go horribly wrong.  I'm just a panicker, okay.)

I'd also like to have another go at the meerkat this week.  I so wanted to have one finished for the fair, but it seems unlikely now.

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