Monday 26 August 2013

Sidney & Amelia at the beach

We took Sidney and Amelia to the beach this morning, to try to get some pictures with a more appropriate background.  The green of the garden didn't really seem to suit them yesterday.  It was absolutely beautiful down there - I don't think I've been on the beach for years, literally.  Although we went early and it was quite cool and breezy, it was still very, very bright, and I found it impossible to see what the pictures looked like.  I must have taken over 100, and most of them were rubbish, but a few turned out okay.  Thats my mother with Sidney in the fourth pic.


Polly said...

They look much more realistic photographed on the beach. Especially the one with your Mum, it looks as if it is about to move :)

Dottie Dollie said...

Oh my, they look amazing!