Monday 18 November 2013

Laptop sleeve

Good morning.  I wanted to show off what I made over the weekend - an imperfect, but nonetheless very useful laptop sleeve!  I've always wanted one of these - my poor battered old laptop gets stuffed into a bag with my camera and various cables and chargers every time I go to work, and it is looking rather scratched and scruffy now.

I did look online for a tutorial, but they all looked rather complicated - with batting and quilting and all that stuff.  In the end I just laid my laptop out on the fabric and drew round it.  I lined the sleeve with the most lovely kimono silk that I bought on Ebay, years ago when I was trying to learn to make underwear.  It turned out to be too small a piece to make anything that would fit me(!) but it was just enough to use as a lining here.

A bit of knicker elastic in the top to hold it all together, and bingo!

I think something must have gone awry somewhere, because the outer fabric wrinkles slightly when I fasten the top, as you can see in the photos.  But it will do the job, and i'm quite chuffed with it. 


Rachel said...

I love it, it looks cool, could you do one for my laptop? (as a commission of course)
And if so, do I get to choose the fabric?

Ruth said...

You did read that bit where I said that it was a bit lumpy and wrinkly, didn't you? :-) But yes, I'll make you one if you want. You have the same laptop as me, don't you? And your fabric choice would be?

Rachel Kilby said...

hmm, not sure, you'd have to give me a few options on the fabric front, but it has to be synthetic, nothing wool-based or anything like that because it'll just rot here. And I'm sure you'll work out the lumpsthe second time around...