Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New bears

I am very behind with my blogging!  I am waiting for the next black linen sample to arrive, and in the meantime have been making smaller bears.  I'm not going to deluge you with photos - just one of each - but if you go and see these bears on Etsy, you will be able to see all the pictures.

The first one, in green and white, is Gerald.  Then Stefan the mammoth, made in wonderful antique German mohair.  And then Holroyd, the little curly bear.

Today, I'm going to be doing something new!  We reckon that some of the most popular bears at Hugglets were the traditional type.  Although I have made traditional bears in the past, I've never found a pattern which works so well that I keep using it over and over again.  So, today I'm going to start on a traditional/old-fashioned bear design.

Hopefully, I will post some updates soon!

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