Sunday 30 March 2014

Vintage hat for sale!

Well I am uploading a random photograph of [part of] a hat because I've just been listening to a podcast about social media, and how you should share little things that appeal to you, without feeling the need to write an essay.  Naturally, being me, I will share the little things AND write the essay!

So, the hat - yes, this is a vintage hat I bought a long time ago - when I spending more time buying and selling vintage clothing.  I still do it on a part time basis, but mostly it has given way to the bear-making business.  I didn't sell many hats, but I kept them because they were something for the mannequin to wear, once the wigs had past the 'birds nest' stage.  I wish I could wear them too (the hats, not the wigs), but they never fit me, sadly.

I have just listed this orange hat on Ebay (click here to see the listing).  I do love this picture, with the colour combination and the close-up detail.  If you use the link above and then the 'see other items' link, you will find one of my vintage teddy bears that I am going to try to sell.  Also some very expensive mohair, some faux fur, and some history books.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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