Saturday 10 May 2014


Just for a change, I thought I'd make a teddy bear!  This is Henrietta - one of my vintage-style bear designs.  I thought I'd be clever and give her paw pads on her hands, but I put the darts on the wrong side of the arm and so they turned out really strange.  Have a look at the fourth picture. :-(

In spite of that, I do think she has a lovely face.  This is the first time I've used green eyes.


Polly said...

I can see nothing wrong with her paws. They are called 'begging paws' and a lot of the old bears have them, especially Schuco. I still can't get used to the feet on this design.

Ruth said...

Thank you Polly - that's really nice to hear - although I wonder if perhaps the curvature isn't obvious from the photos. They look really odd to me! The feet are actually recreated from a lovely vintage bear I bought at a Hugglets fair a few years ago. So they are an vintage feature (or my attempt at a vintage feature). I quite like them. I think the weird feet may have been one of the things which appealed to me about the vintage bear when I first saw him - and that's not a criterion I apply anywhere else(!)