Friday 16 May 2014

New moon bear

When I posted about moon bears recently, I forgot that I once made one in my little Merrythought inspired design.  Somebody asked me to make another one of these recently.  No problem - I loved the first one - and I'd love to make more.  The big problem is the pricing.  The first one was made at least partially out of scraps and remnants (it's a mug's game, that), which I didn't cover in the final price.  If I was going to make more though, I'd have to work out the costs properly.

 I've shown the breakdown below.  The bear took me exactly a day to make, or if you want it in hours, from 10am until about 6:30pm, maybe a bit more.

That is a bit more than I usually charge for a bear of this design, but she does have some quite expensive mohair in her!  Hopefully, the customer will like her!


Unknown said...

Lovely looking bear. Glad he's got a home or he'd have been joining us. More than fair price too.

Ruth said...

Thank you :-) I will be making some more in this design.