Thursday, 1 May 2014


When I took Murphy (Murphy the wren) into the Art & Craft Centre last week, I had one lady buy him and another put an order in for one!  That, along with some positive comments online, made me think that I should make some more.  They are one of those things that take a while to make, and don't sell for very much (they are £12 each), but on the other hand, at least that's something, and they are very good for using up mohair scraps - which I have tons and tons of!

So, this is my wren-making week, except that - because of the different colour fabrics - they don't all look like wrens.  This, for example, is Sidney, made out of the remnants of what was a very expensive antique German mohair.  It's quite a scruffy, distressed-looking fabric with lots of bald patches (highly prized in teddy bears!) so he looks a bit of a scrapper.  He even looked like he was going to take on the cat in one photo.  But perhaps more a sparrow than a wren?

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