Friday 6 June 2014

New mammoths

Hello!  Yesterday I made two mammoths out of a black wool fabric I found.  While I was making them I thought they would look quite stark and simple in black and white.  Now I'm thinking, "too simple?"

Perhaps they need something else.  I'm not sure what though.

I seem to have got a bit of a gothic theme going on - what with the crows, the black moon bears and mammoths, and the meerkats which the Victorians might have stuffed and displayed in a glass cabinet(!)  I need some way to brighten things up.


Unknown said...

Hey, call me crazy, and mammoths aren't my thing if I'm honest, but how about a mohair Mohawk ? Very ice age the movie , but old skool twist. It would allow individualism and charachter to shine through. Just a thought though and you're, clearly, the expert.

Ruth said...

:-) The difficulty would be in getting his hairdo to stay put, in a mohawk style. But I ought to give it a try at least once, to see if it could work. Thank you - it's on my list!