Saturday 19 July 2014


I cannot believe there's barely a week left before the Marks Hall Garden Show!  I've somehow managed to arrange to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Art & Craft Centre!  My plan is to use the time to sew little thing - birds, mini moose, stuff like that.  It never works out well - it's not easy to get stuck into anything when you have to put it down every five minutes to serve a customer (not that I'm complaining about having customers), but maybe a sense of desperation will carry me through.

In the meantime, someone asked me a while ago to make them a luck dragon, so I am going to try to make two - one as the commission and one for the show.  They take up a lot of table space if nothing else!  And if I'm late finishing them, I can happily sit down at the show and sew a tonne of sequins onto them.

This is my latest bear - Cedric - an upsized version of Bingo and Charlie, from my last post.  Unfortunately it wasn't just a case of upsizing the pattern.  It required some adjustment, so he took longer than I thought.  But I like him - he's very stolid and traditional.  

Hopefully, I will be back soon with some more updates for the craft fair!


Barbara said...

He is very cuddly looking. Is he made of the same fabric as th others?

Ruth said...

Yep - same fabric. It is a bit more delicate than the mohair, but - because its so much softer - the seams barely seem to show at all.