Thursday 28 August 2014

Tannenbaum Christmas Barn

Hello again!  Apologies for the long absence.  Originally I was busy making bears for Teddies 2014 - the Kensington show on 14 September.  Then, I spoke to Sophie from the Tannenbaum Christmas Barn and she has agreed to have some of my bears again this year!  Very, very chuffed!  The Christmas  Barn is in Baythorne End in Essex, near Clare.  It is a little Christmas shop based in a converted barn - really pretty and with lots of lovely things to buy, apart from bears.  In particular, Embar Pottery has items there, and when we visited last year, we bought some wonderful, hand-painted vintage wooden stools which we use in our kitchen.  So I highly recommend the Christmas Barn!  (And, did I mention, they have bears.)  It opens Saturday 4th October.

So below are a few pictures of the bears I made for the Christmas Barn!  First, Brian - a revisiting of an old design, but he is quite small - about 9 inches in a sitting position.

Then another little moon bear, called New Moon.  I am very fond of these, as you might have noticed.  This one seems slightly more bouffant than usual - I'm not sure why.

Then Gordon - made from a remnant of beautiful, long, curly, red/brown mohair.  He does look quite scruffy, but I made him a little chequered tam o'shanter with a pompom on top to keep his hair out of his eyes (it sort of works).

Then Cameron, made out of bright, scarlet red mohair which was very, very difficult to photograph!  These pictures look like he's been [badly] coloured-in - sorry about that.

I've also made a few more little birds, and moose, and I'm thinking I might send a meerkat there too.  I don't expect him to sell, but he might cause some interest.

Right now I have the difficult task of trying to figure out how much each of them cost to make (my worst job), and then moving onto making bears for Kensington!


Polly said...

I was convinced that Brian was a girl, he has such a pretty face. I'm glad I'm not the only one that struggles with photographing red mohair. There must be a way to get it right, just not found it yet.

Ruth said...

Well perhaps Brian will become Briony if nobody wants him as a boy. That's my theory for bears that don't find homes quickly - first, make them something to wear; if that doesn't work, a sex change is in order(!)

Let me know if you find the key to photographing red mohair :-)

Ruth said...
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