Friday 21 November 2014


So this is Doris, or 'hedgehog mark 3', as I like to call her.  I have made a few changes.  The muzzle is slightly longer; the legs are slightly shorter; I have added some black paint to her face; and I haven't felted the legs.

I'm not too sure about the legs.  They are thread-wrapped - which is what I did with the other two hogs, except that there, it was only a sort of intermediate process of covering the wire and providing something to felt onto.  Since the felting was making their legs look quite, shall we say 'sturdy'(!), I thought I ought to try missing out the final felting stage.  This meant that the thread-wrapping had to be glued though.  I added enough wool thread until the legs looked the right shape, then sprayed them with adhesive glue (a mistake, I think - it went absolutely everywhere), then a thin layer of thread over the top.  It feels fairly firm, so I'm hoping it will stay put.

I'm really happy with Doris; I do think she looks quite realistic.  However, here is still something not quite right about the proportions.  I think hedgehogs have longer muzzles still, but perhaps slightly deeper as well?  Her head looks slightly too small in relation to her body.  Next time I'll try to rectify this.

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