Monday, 17 November 2014


This is my second hedgehog, Dusty, in proper gel-spiked fabric.  He didn't' quite turn out as I wanted him to.  I was feeling quite dispirited about him until I took some photos of him in very bad light.  I actually think he looks quite realistic here.  Maybe dark photos are the way to go(!)

The two things I'm not happy with are the legs and the nose.  Regarding the nose, I think Bella's worked because there was a fairly smooth line between muzzle and nose.  Dusty's is a bit more bumpy, making it look like he has a shorter muzzle.  I think I might make his muzzle longer in the next version.

The legs are a little too long, and maybe too chunky.  I'm going to try cutting out the wire-wrapping stage to see if that works better.

I'd like to get another hedgehog made for the Long Melford fair next Saturday.  Also a little sun bear, and maybe a couple of little birds.

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