Thursday 26 February 2015

Hugglets Winter BearFest 2015

 Excuse the lack of blogging activity recently.  A little while ago, I was trying to bake something and I may just have spilt a tiny bit of something sticky on the trackpad of my laptop.  I think it seeped into the little gap round the edge and stuck the fixings together somehow, making it very difficult to use.  The only thing that really seemed to help was hitting the trackpad really hard.  I knew it wasn't a good idea at the time, but because I was so annoyed with it, the idea of hitting it really hard was quite appealing.  Anyway, not surprisingly, it now doesn't work at all.

I did back everything up quite recently, but my backup disk is only suitable for Mac computers - which is unhelpful because our PC is a Dell, with Microsoft Windows - a small flaw in the plan(!)

As far as I can tell, the only way to get the laptop fixed is to go to an Apple Store.  The 'easiest' one to get to is in Covent Garden, but London feels like such a palaver, so I'm putting it off.  Unfortunately it takes five times as long to do anything on the PC, since all the files and software I use every day are on the Mac.  Grrrr.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to upload a photo to the blog on the PC, so here I am.

If you've seen my Facebook page, you'll have heard that we had a really cracking day at the Hugglets Winter BearFest.  It was wonderful!  We were completely staggered.  I had reduced the prices of the meerkats down to £75 and every last one of them found a home.  The crows found homes, the hedgehogs, a few mammoths, a few bears.  Mostly it was down to my mother - standing at the front and chatting to people.  They are very friendly at Hugglets - they like to chat - which is lovely, but sadly not my forte(!)

We went with four crates of bears and came back with just two.  So now I am frantically trying to make stuff - although to be honest, at the moment, there is much frenzied list-making, and very little sewing!  I am still doing extra days at the Art & Craft Centre, which makes the sewing difficult.  For a while I was taking my sewing machine in with me, but it was doing bad things to my back, and at one point a customer interrupted me in the middle of a tricky bit, and I was a bit flustered and gave them too much change(!)  Then of course I had to cover the difference.  So I decided it wasn't really worth the risk (or the back ache).

In some ways though, I'm probably more productive on my days off  (excepting today) - when I have another job to go to - so I'm not complaining.

My next bear fair is on 4th April, at Rivington Hall Barn in Bolton, and right after that I have the exhibition at Snape with Embar Pottery, on 10th-16th Aptil.  So, lots to do!

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