Friday, 13 February 2015


Hello!  Today I am working on the desk at Charlie6 - the homewares store on the ground floor of the Art & Craft Centre.  I have been covering a few days whilst people are ill.  It's alright, as long as I bring lots of stuff to do.  Today I lugged four large bags in with me - determined not to be bored when I have events coming up, and should be busy, busy, busy!  (I'm not good at being busy unfortunately - fully occupied is good; busy makes my hair fall out.)

But I haven't got a whole lot done because for the first time in a long time, we've actually had quite a few people in!  When I threw open the front door this morning, there were five people standing there waiting.  I was so surprised, I probably wasn't very welcoming.  ("Oh. Hi!")

But I have had three days at home to make bears.  I was looking at Daniel, the panda in my last post, and wondering if his head was too small.  Neddie has a larger head - perhaps too large this time!  He has a sort of amagurumi (I've spelt that wrong) look to him (not unattractive).  The next one is going to be somewhere in the middle.

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